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Play and earn at HiFiGamingSociety.org. Kindly review our intro presentation:
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Play and earn on your favorite steam games like Counter Strike: GO, Age of Empires, PUBG, Worms, C&C, and Final Fantasy. Our platform integrates steam's game library and users can acquire mission packs to begin earning on their favorite off-chain games.
We've integrated popular games like Clash Royale and Brawl Stars from the app store! We're looking into MetaQuest and PS4 gaming libraries as well. HiFi intends to have unlimited games where users can P2E.
Create a guild and build your gamer workforce while earning commissions! If you invite your gaming clan/community from Clash Royale or any other games we integrate, you can earn daily commissions for their gameplay.
Complete side quests to generate crypto and fiat rewards! We'll use the advertising revenue created through conversions to buy back $HIFI.


We've made videos, however, we keep building so these videos don't include our most recent feature upgrades and functionalities. Specifically, they do not highlight our mission/merit system, 3rd-party gaming library integrations, NFT leveling, or guild management workflows. However, we are proud of our videos and they showcase our platform, NFTs, and competitions! Enjoy!! Video Preview
Video Preview



Unity is the first core value we adopted and we use it to guide how we work together. We are building our ecosystem together with unified goals driven by values we share. Our values help us forge a way forward and helps us decide how we choose partners because they align to our core values.